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Uke Can Do It!

Ukulele Lessons 

No matter your age, Uke Can Do It!

About Uke Can Do It!

Learning a musical instrument in old age creates many positive benefits for the students including:


  • Is an exercise for every part of your brain.
  • Strengthens your brain functions.
  • Improves the use of fine motor skills.
  • Increases the size and ability of many parts of the brain.
  • Greatly increases the dexterity in your hands, fingers, and wrists.
  • Improves our memory
  • Decreases the effects, and the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and Dementia after the age of 65.

No matter Your Age Uke Can Do It!

No Matter your age, Uke Can Do It!

You were awesome!! Keep on keeping on as you’ve got a great thing going there!

Cam Guthrie

Mayor of Guelph

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